Pink Leopard Innovation.

Product Research & Development | Small Scale Product Manufacturing | Bottling & Labeling | Support
Pink Leopard Innovation offers several services as a boutique cannabinoid and herbal products wholesale manufacturer. We offer Product Research & Development, Small Scale Product Manufacturing, Bottling & Labeling and Support. To learn more about each area keep reading below.

Pink Leopard has extensive experience in new product development. I can take your dream and turn it into a reality. As a cannabinoid brand and business founder I have experience with custom formulation of ingestibles (tinctures, foods, function foods and dietary supplements), health and beauty products like lotion, hair, body and bath care. I can also help with pet products, smokable/vapable products and more esoteric offerings. I can even work with difficult or rare ingredients and find stable ways of combining them to produce the products you want.

  • Consumers of products Pink Leopard makes can be confident that the product is high quality, safe, and contains a blend of carefully thought-out and lovingly crafted ingredients that are truly effective.
  • Small business customers can be sure of a good partnership, I will always answer the phone and work with you to develop the products you want in a way that is sustainable and functional for your business.  I take a whole business approach, if you succeed then Pink Leopard does too!
  • Pink Leopard follows industry standard GMP practices and is certified to make USDA organic products.
  • I can help businesses create innovative products that meet their needs, customer demographics and aesthetics. With robust R&D capabilities we can explore new types of products and reinvigorate tried and true products as the market shifts. 
  • Pink Leopard has extensive supply chain and vendor relationships, I can help you find the right ingredients, packaging and more. Pink Leopard can also help you develop your product with graphic design and web development referrals through our network of trusted partners who have supported many projects.
  • Filling a wide variety of product types into your desired packaging
  • Development of your house band and white label products
  • Small run bottling and labeling

Pink Leopard has extensive industry knowledge, and engineering background and is able to support businesses with consulting services in the following areas.

  • Logistics-How to get your product to market (drop ship, 3PL etc)
  • Regulatory Compliance-State of Colorado Compliance, FDA (GMP 117 and 111) compliance, USDA Organic
  • Quality control/Quality assurance, statistical process control
  • Supply Chain- Sourcing ingredients and packaging
  • Storage and Shipping of products and components
  • Inventory and records management
  • Scale up of products and processes